Egyptian lemon for export

Egyptian lemon for export

A sorting and packing company for exporting agricultural crops to various countries

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lemon sorting station in Egypt

import lemon from Egypt

Adalia urka alice lemon

Lemon sorting and exporting station from lemon exporting companies in Egypt

Lemon volumes corresponding to export: 88 – 100 – 113 – 125 – 130 – 140

Barley lemon:

Lemon for export, characterized by low acidity and high sugar

It is one of the finest varieties for medical use and the perfume industries. Therefore, barley lemon is preferred for export

As well as the next lemon for export

The lemon crop is selected for export and to ensure that it is free of pathological and mechanical injuries inside a sorting and packing station for Egypt for export.

To pass through the stages of sorting, processing and packaging the lemon to prepare the lemon for international export under consideration of the international export specifications inside the Egypt sorting station by exporting the lemon

1- Washing inside the basins

2- Wash it with brushes to make sure the dirt is removed to prepare the lemon for export

3- The lemon passes inside the lemon sorting station under a clean water shower to remove the traces of the previous two stages

4- Sterilization inside dedicated ponds and using internationally authorized materials for lemon exports

5- The lemon is dried inside the sorting stations

6- Sorting and used by the trained human cadres to remove the fruits that are not suitable for packing or exporting the disease satisfactorily or mechanically and under the supervision of the engineers specialized in lemon export operations

7- Waxing, in which the preferred European wax is used to export lemon

8- Drying and it is the subject of waxing

9- Pass the electronic sizer to sort all lemon fruits according to their diameter and size inside the sorting stations.

10- The trained workers will lean and fill the lemons inside the lemon sorting station in a way that ensures uniformity of weight and size to suit the lemon for export

11- Some random samples are taken for analysis and examination and to ensure the safety of the product and its susceptibility to lemon for export.

12- Lemon is wrapped inside sorting stations

13- It is stored under suitable temperatures and rooms until it is removed from the sorting station and packed inside containers for export.