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Misr Export Company We provide all kinds of agricultural crops, including grains, vegetables and fruit, export to all countries of the world

Sorting and packing stations, cold rooms and freezing rooms

Introducing us: Misr Company for sorting many products of agricultural crops with high levels of quality, making us one of the strong competitors in the field of export … We work to provide the best products and competitive prices.

Sorting and packing stations for grapefruit, summer oranges and Abu Surra for import and export

Importing Egyptian grapefruit and high quality Egyptian summer orange, exporting Egyptian summer grapefruit and Egyptian grapefruit to Russia and European countries.

Sizes of orange summer:

40/42/48/56/64/72 /


Orange and grapefruit:

The orange tree continues to bear fruit over the course of 5 months, beginning from October to the end of February, due to the weather conditions in Egypt.

Sorting and packing stations, cold rooms and freezing rooms

The fruits of summer oranges, Abu Surra and grapefruit are stored with international quality specifications, which increases the life of the oranges and the validity of their human consumption for periods of up to 6 months.

This allows us to provide oranges for long periods of time throughout the year

After the end of the process of harvesting oranges and grapefruit and collecting them, the orange fruits pass into the sorting station in 10 stages

1_ first examination

Random samples are examined under the supervision of the specialized engineers, to ensure that the crop is free of insect infestations, the most important of which are fruit flies or fungal infections, in addition to the mechanical effects of the harvesting process.

The suitable crop is approved for export by the specialized engineers and the infected crops are rejected

2_ stapling (drying treatment)

This stage lasts from 24 hours to 72 hours, during which the fruits are placed in a well-ventilated, shaded place, during which the summer orange fruit loses part of the moisture in the outer shell, to avoid fractures, cracks or fungal infections, which adds to the fruit’s ability to bear for longer life periods

3_ Washing and disinfection

Grapefruit and oranges are washed with antiseptics with the internationally recommended concentrations

4_ drying

The fruits are dried out from the water, and it is a washing process

5_ screening

It is divided into three phases. First: the removal of the vegetative parts accompanying the orange or grapefruit. Second: Excluding infected fruits mechanically and satisfactorily. Third: Ensure that the orange is free from all defects.

6_ waxing

Using recommended waxing and disinfectants, to ensure that no fruit is infected with new fungal attacks

7_ drying

Dry the fruits from the wax by passing it under certain temperatures to remove the wax viscosity

8_ scaling or scaling

This stage is done electronically to separate the summer oranges and grapefruits according to their sizes and not their weights

9_ packing

Fruits are stacked in ways that ensure uniform karate weights. Then cover the cartons

Carton , Box plastic , Benz
unite weight
Net weight 15 Kg
Gross weight 16 Kg
Net weight 7 kg
Gross weight 8kg

10_ Cold Storage

At temperatures of 3-7 ° C until shipping

one container 40 ft 24 Ton 20 Pallet

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