Egyptian pomegranate for exporting

Exporting and importing pomegranate from Egypt. Pomegranate sorting and waxing stations

Import & Export Egyptian fruits and vegetables citrus , sorting waxing pomegranate

pomegranate sorting station in Egypt

import pomegranate from egypt

Misr Export Station is one of the largest sorting stations for agricultural and competitive crops in export and waxing fruits and vegetables.

Pomegranate sorting and pomegranate waxing stations inside Misr Export Station

Egyptian pomegranate for import, export the Egyptian pomegranate to Russia and European and East Asian countries

The international quality specifications for pomegranate export are observed

And its occasion to import pomegranate from Egypt

The stages of sorting pomegranate inside the Egyptian sorting station to export the pomegranate

Fresh pomegranate is checked for quality pomegranate for export by specialized engineers

The fruits are free from fractures, cracks, and any mechanical injuries

Also, the crop is free of pathological infections, such as fruit flies or stings

After making sure of the suitability of the pomegranate crop to the specifications of international import, the pomegranate is approved to enter the Egyptian sorting station for export and start preparing it for import pomegranate from Egypt

pomegranate Exporting Station sorting and filling pomegranate

Pomegranate passes through the sorting station on the wash basins

The first washing is done with clean water, with mechanical pushing of the air bubbles to stir the water, and water vapor may be used to wash the pomegranate in the sorting station.

The second stage of washing uses water sprinklers exposed to pomegranate passing on vectors

Then transferred to the places of sorting pomegranate

The source pomegranate is excreted using trained workers to remove the infected or sickly or sickly pomegranate and also remove the solid waste that is left with the pomegranate.

Pomegranate waxing: Pomegranate waxing is made using authorized materials for waxing pomegranate

Pomegranate is sorted inside the sorting stations by an electronic size to separate it according to its diameter, and pomegranate samples are measured manually to make sure of the consistency of the sizes sorted from the pomegranate

Pomegranate is prepared and stacked for import into cartons of uniform weights

The pomegranate shall be kept in suitable temperatures until the pomegranate is transported from Egypt’s sorting station for export of the pomegranate