Exporting Egyptian tomatoes

Misr Company for Export is one of the largest screening stations for agricultural crops and competition in export markets

Import & Export Egyptian fruits and vegetables citrus , sorting waxing tomato

tomato sorting and waxing station in Egypt
import tomato from Egypt

Sorting stations for tomatoes and cherry tomatoes inside Egypt’s sorting station for export

Egyptian cherry tomatoes for import, exporting Egyptian cherry tomatoes to Russia and European countries

It meets the international quality specifications for exporting cherry tomatoes and tomatoes

The stages of sorting cherry tomatoes inside the Al Qawasmi sorting station importing tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes are checked to ensure the quality of the tomatoes for export by engineers

Then the tomato passes through the sorting station on the wash basins

The first washing is done with clean water, with mechanical action of air bubbles to stir the water, and water vapor may be used to wash the import of cherry tomatoes in the sorting station.

The second stage of washing uses water sprinklers exposed to tomatoes passing on vectors

Then transferred to the places of sorting tomatoes

Where the water used in the first wash stages is recycled and reused to wash the equipment after the suspended material and dust have been deposited.

The exported tomatoes are excreted using trained workers to remove sick or mechanically rotten or injured tomatoes, as well as removing solid waste suspended with tomatoes.

Green tomatoes are excluded by specialized machines

Cherry tomatoes are sorted inside sorting stations by electronic size to separate them according to their diameter. Tomato samples are measured manually to make sure of the consistency of the sizes sorted from tomatoes.

Preparing and storing the import of tomatoes into uniform cartons of weights

Tomatoes shall be kept at suitable temperatures until the import of tomatoes is transferred from the Misr Sorting station for export