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 Product : Blue chamomile

Product description; the volatile oil is obtained by steam distillation from
the dry flowers of matricaria chamomilla
Common name; blue chamomile Egyptian essential oil
Botanical name; matricaria chamomilla L
Family; compositae
Cultivation; cultivated
Method of extraction; steam distillation of origanum marjorana herb
Colour and appearance; blue green, viscous liquid
Odourhoney; tobacco, sweet and fruity

Chamomile Blue Oil 

Extraction : Steam distillation

CAS # :  8022-66-2

Chamomile flower or chamomile
Blue chamomile oil distilled from chamomile flower or chamomile blue
Extract of natural oils
Chamomile oil extract
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Blue chamomile oil is obtained by steam distillation from dry flowering tops and flowers
Blue chamomile has been in Egypt since the days of the Pharaohs and is now widely cultivated in fertile lands
Pure oil extracted from chamomile or chamomile
Natural aromatic oil has a distinctive aroma and for medicinal, cosmetic and cosmetic uses
Like helping to relax, digestive problems, psoriasis, and eczema