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Strawberry export companies in Egypt strawberry brushes and frozen strawberries

Strawberry export companies in Egypt
Strawberry export companies in Egypt


The finest seeds are used to cultivate a wide spectrum of different kinds of strawberry

The strawberries processed within our factory must be ripe and of red color from inside and outside. These strawberries contain high level of sweetness.Strawberries are processed & then stored in cold stores to maintain the nutritional properties


1.5-2.5 Cm/2.5-3.5 Cm. Cubes in 10*10 MM / 20*20 MM


400 GM, 2.5 KG, bulk10 KG

SEASON OF PRODUCT : From January  – May

TOP Strawberry

We export agricultural crops from vegetables and fruits
Sorting and packaging stations and citrus waxing for export

 Introducing us: Egypt’s sorting station for export and sorting many products of  agricultural crops with high levels of quality that make us one of the strong  competitors in the field of export … We work to provide the best products and  competitive prices
Sorting and packing plants for strawberry for export
Egypt ranks fifth in the world for exporting strawberries
This is because of the quality of Egyptian strawberry production and matching  the strawberry product for export to international export specifications
We are exporters of strawberry. We are an agricultural product with a sweet  taste

It contains a large percentage of vitamin C as well as A and B.
Also, a large percentage of phosphorus
Strawberries also contain iron and are considered a producer, preservative and  treatment for anemia
Strawberries are grown on brown or sandy ground
All instructions required to produce a strawberry crop that meets international  standards and have the ability to compete in the international market are  observed
After making sure that the strawberry crop is free from any fungal or viral  infections
And subject to agricultural specifications conforming to the export of  strawberries
And the suitability of the method of crop irrigation and pesticide ratios for  internationally recognized methods of export
The strawberry crop is certified by agricultural engineers and quality consultants
Where strawberries are planted normally in the month of 9 and collected after  60 days
The strawberry of the size and size suitable for export is carefully picked up by  highly qualified labor
Please note that strawberry fruit is not infected mechanically during circulation  or if it has fingerprints
We make sure that strawberries are not exposed to any injuries, whether it is dry as a result of constipation of the fruits or moist as a result of friction with the  fruits
The seed grains on the surface of the exported strawberries do not fall off
They are free from the green tip
The percentage of sugar is not less than 7%
Shiny strawberry
And the presence of the cup in it and is represented by the green leaf
Fruit size is not less than 30 mm and not more than 45 ml of regular conical  shape and characteristic of strawberries
Then it is collected from farms and sent to places for sorting, packing and  packaging strawberries
To re-sort the strawberries according to the specifications of the destination countries in a pant or plastic boxes intended for keeping food with small holes for ventilation, with a bumper in the bottom of the packaging buble bad
Pant are uniform and strawberry weights
Then it is packed in well-ventilated cartons to keep strawberries from rotting
Strawberries are usually packed and packed in the same place as the crop, and  then sent for refrigeration
Strawberry cartons are kept in rooms with suitable temperatures of specified cooling and well ventilated until shipped and transported to the importing  country.
In a phase called rapid and sudden cooling to reduce the temperature of  strawberries to 2 degrees Celsius
Until shipped in the fridge at a temperature of 0 to 2 degrees Celsius, a data loger can be provided to record the temperature of the fruits throughout the trip
Strawberries are harvested incomplete color, where the color percentage is from 70% to 80% because it takes about two days during shipping to reach its  destination, and during this period the color is complete.
Strawberries are highly sensitive crops that require cool temperatures and air  transport
Importing strawberry export companies in Egypt that are (Festival – Fortune –  Florida – Switchchart – Winter Star – Ileana).
The first and second cohorts are the most suitable for exporting strawberry  strawberries
But the third and fourth regiments are strawberry export groups frozen for  export and locally
November, December and January are considered early varieties and are represented in the Winter Star category, and it is distinguished by its similar fruit and good hardness, and its production may continue for 5 winter star.
As for the fortification class of early varieties, good fruit specifications and high  sugar content
The Ileana variety is considered an exclusive variety for cultivation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the Gulf countries have failed to cultivate it and it is  considered a high-quality variety that is increasingly in demand from  international stores such as Marks Spencer and TESCO
The Festival class completes the season length, gradually decreasing demand,  but it is required in the freezing industry
Strawberries are imported from Egypt by the European market, the main ones being England, Germany, France and the Netherlands mainly, Spain, Italy, Austria  and Southeast Asia.
A strawberry sorter is available for the local market
Call for a daily strawberry price in Egypt
Frozen strawberry available

Importing frozen Egyptian strawberries

Import strawberry Egyptian  Frosen Fresh
Exporting frozen Egyptian strawberries

Fresh strawberry

Frozen strawberry

MAZAYA frozen strawberries for export
We announce the availability of open quantities of frozen strawberries ready for export
Frozen strawberries
Frozen strawberries
Importing frozen strawberries
Export of frozen strawberries
Exporting frozen strawberries to European countries
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Exporting frozen strawberries to all countries of the world
Importing frozen Egyptian strawberries of the highest quality and conforming to the international quality specifications required for export
Frozen strawberry export companies
Frozen strawberry import companies
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