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Introduction to the company: Misr Export Company is one of the leading sorting stations in the field of exporting vegetables and food, due to the quality of the product known to us and its conformity with international export specifications and the price appropriate for the importer.

The Egyptian Potato Sorting Station for export is one of the best sorting stations for exporting potatos in the potato export market


Potatos are the family of tubers that grow under the soil. They are planted in the spring season and collected during the months of July, August, September and October.

The Egyptian Company for Export inside the potato sorting stations excludes the crops of infected potatoes, whether fungal, viral, insect or bacterial, in addition to the mechanical injuries accompanying the collection and transport process, under the supervision of specialists to ensure the export of high-quality potatoes.

The potato crop is selected for export that conforms to the international export specifications of potatoes inside the potatos sorting station in terms of:

First: potatoes used for cooking

1- Potatoes contain a balanced fertilizer

2- Its soil is free of any brown rot because of the potato’s containment (Qiobu), which is stimulated by the presence of brown rot in the soil.

3- Potato ripening during a period of time from 90 to 100 days from planting

4- Pack them in carton or linen bags and boxes inside refrigerated trucks until transporting them from the sorting station or exporting potatoes.

Second: Potatoes used for manufacturing

1- To be planted over wide distances to produce small sized potatoes to suit the chips industry

2- Its fertilizer contains potassium to increase dry matter inside and improve storage

3- Non-use of pesticides

4- Measuring the dry matter in the potato before packing it in the potato sorting station

For the export of potatoes subject to these operations inside Egypt’s export terminal:

1- Washing:

The potatoes are sorted to remove any plankton from the soil on the potato tubers and the effects of pesticides

2- Waxing:

Paraffin wax is used as it has no effect on the nutritional value of potatoes or taste

3- Grading

The potatoes are sorted according to their sizes for packing inside the potato sorting station

We take care to store potato tubers in dark and cold rooms at temperatures 4-10 ° C to prevent potatoes from germinating and turning them into a green color with a toxic solanine substance, which also allows us to store potatoes for a full year after harvest.

Petmos is placed on potatoes to save them from fibrosis and mold as long as possible inside the sorting station

Each 20 tons of potatoes are separated in a single container to transport the vegetables until the potatoes are exported