Licenses for setting up a citrus sorting station for vegetables

Licenses for establishing a sorting station for sorting, packing and filling agricultural crops
Licensing authority: Control and Distribution Sector / Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade
Procedure steps
An application is submitted to inspect the station and ensure its compliance with the conditions
Or submit a request to construct the station in case the construction did not start
It takes a day to inform the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade (Control and Distribution Sector – Central Administration for Distribution) of the authority
The inspection of the station continues to prove its compliance with the conditions for a period of three days, and this is the instrument of the competent authorities in the Diwan.
And handing the decision over to the office in the commission
The port authority at the Investment Authority shall inform the Investment Authority of a decision approving or rejecting the sector after completing the required inspection.
This does not require any fees
The papers required to carry out the procedure
An application to construct the plant is submitted in the name of Mr. Commissioner, Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, at the General Authority for Investment
A copy of the land ownership contract or the land allocation decision issued to establish the project
The founding contract of the company
A copy of the commercial record
Engineering and structural drawing of the project
Sketch of the project site
Catalog with legislator equipment
Evidence of the absence of legal disputes related to the pedestrian site is provided by the Land Protection Department of its Agricultural Directorate.
In the event that some conditions are not enforced, the station owner or deputy will be notified during the inspection to complete these conditions
In addition to the Ministry’s audit documents after the issuance of the audit report

After adjusting the station conditions, a request for re-inspection is submitted

Import and export of oranges and grapefruit, sorting and packing stations, Egypt station
Exporting Egyptian grapefruit and high quality Egyptian orange, Exporting Egyptian orange and grapefruit to Russia, European countries and all countries.
Sizes of importing oranges:
40/42/48/56/64/72 /
Orange and grapefruit
The orange import tree continues to bear fruit over the 5 months beginning from October to the end of February, due to the weather conditions in Egypt and the management of the import stations for oranges.
Import and export of oranges and grapefruit sorting and packing stations
Orange fruits are stored for export and grapefruit with international quality specifications, which increases the life of the orange and its shelf life for up to 6 months.
This allows us to provide oranges for long periods of time throughout the year