import spain mandarin and keny mandarine from Egypt

Import Spain mandarin and keny mandarine from Egypt

 Misr Company for Export
Citrus export
Vegetables and fruits
Sorting, waxing and packing orange for export 

Naval orange
Valencia orange
Adalia lemon
Mandarin Forment
Moorket Spanish mandarin
Orange sandy soil for export
Egyptian Red Graprfruir
mandarin spain
spanish mandarine
import Egyptian mandarine
Keny mandarine
morket mandarine
A product conforming to international export requirements
All certificates and papers required for export are available
Citrus exports to Russia, China, India, Europe, East Asia and all countries
Full mature navel orane
Completed color
First class
All sizes are available 40/42/48/56/64/72 /
Ready for any quantity
While ensuring the high quality of the product
Competitive market price
orange prices start from 440$ per ton in the station
Grapefruit prices, starting from 917$ per ton in the station