Grades and Requirements for Celery

Grades and Requirements for Celery Application 131. The grades and requirements set out in sections 132 to 136 apply to celery varieties grown from Apium graveolens var. dulce. Grades and Grade Names 132. The grades and grade names for celery are Canada No. 1, Canada No. 1 Heart and Canada No. 2. Requirements for All Grades 133. (1) In addition to meeting the requirements for each grade and subject to the general tolerances set out in section 137, celery of all grades must • (a) be pr...
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Importing medicinal and aromatic plants that are sun-dried

استيراد نباتات طبيه مجففه تصدير نباتات طبيه import medical plant export medical herps
  Introduction to the company: Organic Herbs of Egypt Specialized in the export of medicinal and aromatic plants section One : The Sun Dried Herbs section includes: 1-basil leaves, crushed basil leaves or dried powder 2-peppermint leaves dried mint leaves 3-marjoram , marjoram dried 3-  dried red pepper 4-molokhia whole & crushed molokhia 5-thyme dryer 6- dried green tea 7- Jalapeno chopped jalapeno clip 8-Jalapeno powder    9-Dill dried 10-Parsley dried 11-Peppermint dried m...
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