The price of natural grass and artificial grass

The price of natural grass and artificial grass

The price of a natural grass in Egypt 2019 – 2020

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Gentlemen / company

Gray Line Company has the honor to present to you, with its distinguished activity in the field of construction and distinguished agricultural consulting, with the knowledge of a group of the most qualified engineers specialized in this field, where we are a large company with multiple activities and extensive experience through dealing with major projects in the field of agriculture, garden maintenance and provision The finest designs for green areas, supplying all kinds of plants for resorts and villas, and supplying irrigation networks with all kinds of maintenance.

So we are honored to cooperate with you.

The price of natural grass in Egypt is Tivaway type, the cost per meter is 11 pounds per meter

11 x 70 x 107 = 82,390 pounds

11 x 58 x 100 = 63,800 pounds

Total = 146,190 pounds

Available supplying grass in transportation, installation, leveling and cultivation

The cost of supplying and constructing an irrigation and drainage network is estimated at 24,000 pounds per stadium, 48,000 pounds per stadium

…………. Automatic 28 thousand pounds per stadium 56 thousand pounds for two stadiums

A total of 194,190 EGP + 8000 EGP Automatic teams in the case of the two stadiums chosen

The duration of the offer is valid for only two weeks from the date of submission

We are honored that the cooperation between us and your Excellency will take place in supplies, agriculture and installations

Yours sincerely,

General Director

First: The required technical works and maintenance for a villa m /

M Statement Technical works Unit Quantity Unit price Total price

Baladi palms for the sifting of gears and palm groves No. 15 25 375 Pollination of palm trees in preparation for the season No. 15 30 450 Injecting palm with micronized sulfur to control weevils No. 15 25 375

Trees cut and trim the fence (curtain fix) m. I 297 4 1188

Shrubs cut and trim the shrubs to give them a beautiful appearance m. I 297 2 594

Natural grass, cut the grass on the level of Zero m. 684 1.5 1026 Perforation of the green flat to ventilate the roots of grass. I 684 1.5 1026 You need to dry and top dressing for flat leveling and green flat heating and give it aesthetic appearance M. 4th floor 350 1400 sand free of frills and salts (washed) m 3 6 150 900 compost organic fertilizer decomposed Nile 2 tons 1500 750

Total business value only (eight thousand eight hundred and thirty four pounds)

Technical inventory report for crops and irrigation at Eng. Villa



The company has the honor to submit the technical report on the condition of plants, trees, shrubs, palms, palm-like and natural grasses based on your request.

First / technical presentation of agriculture and irrigation

Second / financial offer


Villa engineer / general situation (technical report

OWNER / MR: Villa



top dreesing – You need the necessary service with drying and winter service and using the environment used in winter service operations from mixing, individual and leveling

Sand – Compost (decomposing biodegradable vegetable fertilizer) – potassium sulfate – super phosphate – micron sulfur) to heat and nourish the roots of green surfaces and give the aesthetic appearance of the green surface

2- You need to pierce the roots and ventilation processes

2. PLANTS – plants

1- You need trimming, trimming, removing weeds and changing plants, flowering plants and soil coverings

2- You need to increase some determinants, flowers, and soil coverings to give it the aesthetic appearance of the garden

3. IRRIGATION SYSTEM: Irrigation systems

First, the palm water requirement of 90: 110 liters per day

Secondly, the semi-palm trees water requirement of 40: 60 liters per day

Third, trees need water from 60 to 80 liters per day

Fourth, shrubs water requirement of 25: 40 liters per day

Fifth, covers, determinants and flowers of water requirement: 8: 12 liters per day

Sixth, water requirement: 6 liters per day

Seventh Grass water requirement from 10:12 liters per day

Technical report for inspection



Worked top dressing) on ​​the first of March until the end of mid-April

Water requirement for all green areas (irrigation).

 46.5% urea fertilizer – N.P.K Crystallone – nitrate after winter season

Making garden and palm trees and docks

Hygiene and refinement of green spaces


You need to remove dry and dead trees

You need nitrogenous and organic fertilization

 Water requirement for each tree separately (irrigation)

General cleaning of trees

3. Shrubs (SHRUPS):

– You need to remove dry and dead branches

You need nitrogenous and organic fertilization

Water requirement for each tree separately (irrigation)

You need to cut, trim and shape

General cleaning of the bushes


– You need nitrogenous and organic fertilization

Water requirement for each palm tree separately (irrigation)

 You need to swit and trim gears

You need micronized injection because of her palm weevil

You need to rotate and draw palm pans and increase them with some flowers to give them a beautiful appearance

5. Irrigation network (IRRIGATION SYSTEM):

You need many adjustments in the technical designs of a network so that it does not work very efficiently and you need purely technical adjustments and periodic maintenance

Supplying all crops with G.R hoses every 30 cm. Pressure-regulating and self-cleaning

General amendment to the irrigation network

Point some sprinklers on the green surfaces

There are no points giving the water requirement of trees and shrubs

The irrigation board switch must be separated from the motor switch in order not to cause damage and oppose the irrigation board from its performance

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