Importing medicinal and aromatic plants that are sun-dried

استيراد نباتات طبيه مجففه تصدير نباتات طبيه import medical plant export medical herps
  Introduction to the company: Organic Herbs of Egypt Specialized in the export of medicinal and aromatic plants section One : The Sun Dried Herbs section includes: 1-basil leaves, crushed basil leaves or dried powder 2-peppermint leaves dried mint leaves 3-marjoram , marjoram dried 3-  dried red pepper 4-molokhia whole & crushed molokhia 5-thyme dryer 6- dried green tea 7- Jalapeno chopped jalapeno clip 8-Jalapeno powder    9-Dill dried 10-Parsley dried 11-Peppermint dried m...
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